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COVID Recovery and Safety plan

Latest update – 7th November 2021 – Bar Area Update


LHC will follow the NI executive’s coronavirus recovery plan regulations alongside and in conjunction with advice from hockey Ireland, Ulster hockey branch and the International Hockey Federation in reopening the club safely.

As required by hockey Ireland, LHC have appointed Johnny Cash as COVID19 club compliance officer. The compliance officer is responsible for overseeing the club’s implementation of and compliance with regulations and advice from the bodies described above. The compliance officer will be registered with Ulster Hockey Branch.

National regulations and sporting body guidelines

The regulations and sporting body guidelines upon which LHC is basing this coronavirus club recovery plan are included in appendices at the end of the document as follows:

  1. NI Covid Regulations and Restrictions
  2. Ulster Hockey Covid Update Sept 2021
  3. Hockey Ireland COVID plans
  5. Department for Communities Advice on car sharing
  6. Department for Communities Guiding Principles Restricted Access and Safe Use of Changing and Shower Facilities
  7. Tourism NI summary of restrictions and guidelines for Tourism and Hospitality businesses
  8. Department for the Economy Guidance for the Hospitality Industry in Northern Ireland
  9. NI Self isolation requirements


General & Responsibility of members and visitors using club

  1. Members and visitors must not travel to LHC if they are unwell and in particular suspected of or confirmed to be suffering symptoms of COVID19 or awaiting the result of a COVID19 test.
  2. Members and visitors should familiarise themselves with the isolation requirements should a close contact have COVID19. Whether the individual is eligible to attend LHC or not will depend on the persons personal circumstances eg: vaccination status, age etc. Guidance is found here.
  3. Everyone must follow all Government COVID health guidance, for example; cover their mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve (not hands) when they cough or sneeze
  4. Car sharing is discouraged.
  5. Members should maintain a social distance of 1m and preferably 2m when outside, 2m when in changing rooms and 1m when in the bar area.
  6. Members are encouraged to bring hand sanitiser and maintain hand hygiene on arrival at club and before leaving.
  7. Members must not spit or clear their nose under any circumstances.
  8. Members must not share whistles
  9. Completion of our contract tracing app is no longer required for outdoor activities but IS required for entry to the bar area.
  10. A COVID officer(s) will monitor compliance with all the club requirements in this protocol and the club reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone not compliant with the rules and regulations laid out in this protocol.



  1. Car park – There are no restrictions on car parking.
  2. The club will be opened and closed by designated members who will follow  hand hygiene measures before and after handling the car park gate and lock.
    1. The Keyholders will also be members of the coronavirus compliance officers team
  3. The grounds have been maintained and hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the grounds including at the main entrance to the grounds from the car park, at pitch entry points and at the entrance to the clubhouse and bar area.
  4. Rubbish bins are available for use and patrons MUST place used drinks bottles into the bins and not leave these for staff to clear.



  1. The club has two pitches.
  2. Training can take place and there are no restrictions on numbers.
  3. Players should sanitize hands prior to entering the playing field.
  4. Dugouts may be used but team members MUST maintain a minimum distance of 1m and are encouraged to maintain 2m.
  5. The technical directors dugout may also be used and a minimum of 1m distance MUST be maintained.


  1. Members should bring their own playing equipment with them to play hockey.
  2. Players should only touch their own equipment where possible.
  3. Communal/Shared bibs should not be worn – players should bring a white and coloured shirt if required. Bibs may be worn if owned and maintained by each individual player.
  4. Goalkeepers may only train or play if they have their own (not shared) equipment.
  5. Penalty corners are permitted (from June 29th). Defensive masks and other protective  should only be handled and brought onto the field by the individual who will use the equipment. Such equipment must not be shared and should be clearly labelled.

Clubhouse – general areas:

  1. Toilets are open and the club will ensure the bathrooms are sanitised regularly.
  2. The club defibrillator will remain available at the main desk in the clubhouse lobby.
  3. First aid kits remain available at the main desk. These each contain PPE for the first-aider.
  4. As far as is possible, the main doors of the clubhouse (and other non-fire doors) will be left ajar to minimise the need to handle doors for those requiring access to toilets.

Clubhouse – changing rooms :

  1. Members are discouraged from requesting access to changing facilities and showers and should, where possible, arrive in playing kit and shower at home.
  2. Each changing room is risk assessed and the maximum number of individuals permitted in each changing room is as follows:
    1. Changing room 1: 6 people
    2. Changing room 2:
    3. Changing room 3:
    4. Changing room 4:
    5. Changing room 5:
    6. Changing room 5:
    7. Changing room 6:
    8. Umpires changing room: 1 person
  3. A distance of 2m must be maintained between individuals in the changing rooms
  4. Each individual must not remain in the changing room for more than 10 minutes. This includes the time to shower.
  5. Changing rooms are not to be used for pre-match team briefings
  6. LHC will adhere to the NI government guidelines on use of changing facilities and ask members to familiarise themselves with them: Found here.

Clubhouse – Bar area

  1. The indoor bar will open on Saturday 6th November 2021 and other times as decided by the club.
  2. When the bar is open, the following rules apply.
  3. The club will record the names, telephone number and arrival time of all patrons to our bar lounge. This is a legal requirement in NI and information will be retained for a maximum of 21 days and only used in line with GDPR regulations for Covid tracking purposes.
  4. All patrons aged 18 and over entering the bar/lounge must also present valid evidence of one of the following:
    1. Proof of having been fully vaccinated for more than two weeks
    2. Proof of a negative PCR test or rapid lateral flow test taken within 48 hours of entry to a venue (a lateral flow test taken at home will need to be reported into the public reporting system); or
    3. Evidence of a positive PCR test result for COVID-19 within the previous 180 days and following completion of the self-isolation period.
  5. In practical terms this means presenting a domestic use COVID vaccination certificate on the COVIDcert NI smartphone app, an EU digital COVID certificate or presenting the results of an official text message or email received from government bodies confirming a negative test result within the preceding 48 hours or a positive PCR within the previous 180 day and following the completion of the self-isolation period.


Competitive Matches

  1. The requirement for contact tracing and therefore need to email team lists in advance are no longer required.
  2. All personnel should perform a health check before travelling to comber Road
  3. The visiting team must familiarise themselves with Lisnagarvey HC COVID protocols, found here: https://lisnagarveyhockey.com/covid-plan/
  4. Lisnagarvey HC will have a minimum of one COVID officer on duty at all times.
  5. If visitors wish to enter the clubhouse bar area or changing rooms they will be required to complete our COVID tracking app and will checked into the clubhouse by the COVID officer(s). Garvey contact tracing app
  6. FIH & Hockey Ireland rules and protocols will be followed during match play for all games.


Spectators & Visitors

  1. Outdoor spectators are welcome and no longer need to complete our contact tracing app if remaining outdoors.
  2. Spectators are still encouraged to complete a self-health assessment before attending the club. Eg temperature check.
  3. At present, no more than 120 spectators/visitors will be permitted on the grounds of Lisnagarvey HC during match day.
  4. Spectators should maintain social distancing of a minimum of 1-2m with non-household members at all times.
  5. Spectators should not encroach on other spectators’ space.
  6. Spectators must follow the directions of the COVID officers on duty at all times.


Youth / Mini Hockey

  1. Youth and mini-hockey schedules are now largely back to pre-COVID timetabling but may be subject to change.
  2. Parents are welcome to spectate but should maintain a social distance of 1m minimum with non-household contacts.


Booking and Contact Tracing

  1. Members and visitors must only attend the club for prearranged sessions:
  1. Members may be invited to specific sessions booked by committee members e.g. Youth and mini coaching, 1st XI training etc
  2. Alternatively, members or visitors must use the club website and be in receipt of a booking confirmation email before attending the club (limited availability at this time).
  1. All members attending the club MUST complete an online health check questionnaire on the day of arrival at the club, preferably in the 2 hour period before arriving. This is to facilitate contact tracing in the event it is required and is a requirement of regulating bodies. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE and members or visitors will be asked to return home if this is not completed. *
  1. Any data collected from an individual as part of the return to hockey plan (including the health check questionnaire) will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy (which can be seen here). This includes the need to share any relevant data with public health authorities where requested to enable contract tracing.


First aid/Emergencies

  1. In the event of injury social distancing should be maintained where possible.
  2. Where possible, an injured player should self-help, including managing blood injuries.
  3. The club shall make available a first aid kit and basic PPE (mask, gloves, apron). This equipment may be used at the users own risk.
  4. LHC club advises each group making a booking to identify an individual in their group as first aider. This individual should be familiar with the use of basic PPE in the event of a medical emergency.


Management of a Symptomatic Individual

  1. If a participant becomes unwell during the activity, they should be isolated from other participants, return home as soon as possible, and follow governmental guidance or contact their GP for further guidance
  2. Ideally the designated COVID-19 Officer, staff member or volunteer should take charge of the management of any persons with COVID-19 symptoms
  3. The designated person managing the situation should try to maintain at least 2 metres from the person with symptoms and should wear a face covering and wash their hands regularly
  4. Immediately separate the person displaying or complaining of COVID-19 related symptoms from others
  5. Ask this person to wear a face covering if possible or if available provide them with a facemask
  6. Provide the unwell person with tissues and hand sanitizer and ensure that all tissues are disposed of in a waste bag that can be tied and marked as separate from other waste
  7. If they are well enough to go home, arrange for them to be transported home by a family member, as soon as possible and advise them to inform their GP by phone of their symptoms
  8. If they are too unwell to go home or advice is required, contact 999 and inform them that the unwell person is a suspected COVID-19 case
  9. All persons who have been in close contact with the suspect case will need to be informed to restrict their movement for 14 days or until further information is available (i.e. a negative test result of the suspect case). It is likely this will be co-ordinated by PHA.


"We hope to have a better season than last, but whether good or bad, it is to be hoped that fair play and good sportsmanship may ever characterise the Lisnagarvey Hockey Club" - R.C. Bannister 1909


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