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COVID Recovery and Safety plan

Latest update – Sunday 30th August 2020


LHC will follow the NI executive’s coronavirus recovery plan regulations alongside and in conjunction with advice from hockey Ireland, Ulster hockey branch and the International Hockey Federation in reopening the club safely.

As required by hockey Ireland, LHC have appointed Johnny Cash as COVID19 club compliance officer. The compliance officer is responsible for overseeing the club’s implementation of and compliance with regulations and advice from the bodies described above. The compliance officer will be registered with Ulster Hockey Branch.

National regulations and sporting body guidelines

The regulations and sporting body guidelines upon which LHC is basing this coronavirus club recovery plan are included in appendices at the end of the document as follows:

  1. NI Executive Coronavirus Recovery Plan
  2. Hockey Ireland COVID plans
  3. Hockey Ireland – Protocols for returning to competitions
  4. Hockey Ireland – FAQs on return to play and return to competition protocols
  5. Ulster Hockey – Clarification on Covid 19 restrictions
  6. International Hockey Federation (FIH) – plan for reopening hockey fields
  7. Sport NI Framework for the resumption of Sport and Physical recreation


Lisnagarvey Hockey Club Return to Hockey Plan (last Updated 26th June 2020)


  1. Car park – Members will be asked, where feasible, to leave an empty space between vehicles in the car park. Visitors and members are not permitted to loiter in the car park.
  2. The club will be opened and closed by designated members who must follow strict hand hygiene measures before and after handling the car park gate and lock.
  3. The Keyholders will also be members of the coronavirus compliance officers team and will be responsible for checking all members who enter the playing field have completed the appropriate health questionnaire and that these details are recorded digitally.
  4. The grounds have been maintained during the coronavirus lockdown and no remedial work is required to facilitate reopening of the grounds
  5. The outdoor tap at rear of clubhouse must not be used by members other than the groundsman.
  6. Hand sanitiser stations shall be made available at the main entrance to the grounds from the car park and/or at pitch entry points.
  7. Rubbish bins will be removed and will NOT be available for use during this phase.
  8. No social gathers of any kind will be permitted during this phase.



  1. The club has two pitches.
  2. Training can take place with groups of up to 30 per pitch and contact training is allowed. There should be no mixing between groups.
  3. Group sizes include coaches and trainers.
  4. Groups will be given adequate space to train. Training areas will be clearly demarcated. The training area will be the same space required for a competitive match to be played at the relevant age group in Ulster hockey competitions as follows :
    a) P4-P7 maximum group of 30 on ONE THIRD of a full sized pitch
    b) Years 8 + 9 maximum group of 30 on HALF a full sized pitch
    c)  All others maximum group of 30 on a whole hockey pitch
  5. Competitive sport resumed on July 10th but only with essential personnel involved present ie players, coaches, officials, physio, Covid officers.
  6. Players will enter the pitches through designated gates (1-3 for blue pitch, 4-6 for green pitch) which shall be left open permanently. No players/members shall touch or move the gates.
  7. Players must sanitize hands prior to entering the playing field.
  8. Given the nature of our dugouts, only two members of any given team shall be permitted to sit and shelter in the dugout (at either end). The central area of each dugout shall be cordoned off and shall remain strictly out of bounds until further notice. One person may use the Technical Director’s box during any given match. All users MUST use provided hand sanitizer before and after using the dugouts. All dugouts will be disinfected after use.
  9. Goals shall be placed for use by members on the pitches – these must not be touched or moved by members.
  10. Water tanks – the water tank reservoirs have been drained and the pitches cleared of debris.



  1. Members must bring ALL equipment with them to the club.
  2. Players must only touch their own equipment.
  3. Only the designated coach of a session should handle the coaching equipment. Eg. Cones, Throw down lines etc. The coach should either wear disposable gloves or sanitise hands after handling equipment.
  4. Communal / shared Bibs should not be worn – players should bring a white and a coloured shirt if required. Bibs may be worn if owned and maintained by each individual player.
  5. Goalkeepers may only train if they have their own (not shared) equipment.
  6. Penalty corner training is permitted (from 29th June 2020). Defensive masks and other protective equipment should only be handled and  brought onto the field by the individual who will use the equipment. Such equipment must not be shared and must be clearly labelled.
  7. The club will make disinfectant available to allow members to disinfect their hockey balls



  1. Toilets will be available on a one in-one out basis only. In such circumstances, all surfaces MUST be sanitised before and after each use by the user. (Appropriate equipment will be provided). The club will ensure the bathrooms are sanitised regularly.
  2. On match days, a one way system will be in place. Entry via front doors of the clubhouse and exit via the players entrances/exits (doors facing pitch).
  3. The club defibrillator will remain available at the main desk in the clubhouse lobby.
  4. First aid kits remain available at the main desk. These each contain PPE for the first-aider.
  5. As far as possible, the main doors of the clubhouse will be left ajar to minimise the need to handle door for those requiring access to the toilets.
  6. In the event os a disabled spectator(s) attending a match, the club will make a designated space available in the main bar area for the spectator(s) to watch the match. In such circumstances, the spectator will be expected to wear a face covering. The lift will be made available for access.
  7. Otherwise, the clubhouse will not be open for use until further notice.


Booking and Contact Tracing

  1. Members and visitors must only attend the club for prearranged sessions:
    – Members may be invited to specific sessions booked by committee members e.g Youth and Mini coaching, 1st XI training etc.
    – Alternatively, members or visitors must use the booking section of the club website (when available) and be in receipt of a booking confirmation email before attending the club (limited availability at this time).
  2. All members attending the club MUST complete an online health check questionnaire in the 2 hours prior to arrival at the club. This is to facilitate contact tracing in the event it is required and is a requirement of regulating bodies. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE and members will NOT be permitted onto the playing surfaces if this is not complete. *
  3. Any data collected from an individual as part of the return to hockey plan (including the health check questionnaire) will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy (which can be seen here). This includes the need to share any relevant data with public health authorities where requested to enable contract tracing.

* This will be monitored and enforced by a club COVID compliance officer and team.

Responsibility of Members using club

  1. Members may only attend the club following receipt of an invitation to a session or be in receipt of a booking confirmation from the the club’s website.
  2. Members must compete an online health check questionnaire prior to arrival at the club.*
  3. Upon arrival, Members should make their way directly onto the playing pitch for which they have a valid booking. A club compliance officer will check members have completed a health questionnaire once on the pitch.
  4. Members must not attend the club grounds if they or a member of their household is unwell and in particular suspected of or confirmed to be suffering symptoms of COVID19 or awaiting the result of a COVID19 test.
  5. Members must follow all government COVID health guidance, for example; cover their mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve (not hands) when they cough or sneeze
  6. Only LHC members (or groups approved by the LHC Committee such as Hockey Ireland / Ulster Branch squads eg representative squad training) shall be permitted on the club pitches.
  7. Members should travel to the club in their own vehicle/transport and only share a vehicle with other members of their own household.
  8. Members must bring all of their own equipment and must not use another members equipment, including but not exclusive to stick, shin guards etc.
  9. Members must maintain social distancing regulations until further notice. This includes distance between equipment/bags/balls etc
  10. Members must not handle balls or any other equipment at the club.
  11. Members must bring hand sanitiser and maintain hand hygiene on arrival at club and before leaving.
  12. Members must not spit or clear their nose under any circumstances.
  13. Members must bring their own liquids/water and only use their own water bottle.
  14. Rubbish, and in particular used water bottles must be taken from the field of play and brought home.
  15. Members must not share whistles

* This will be monitored and enforced by a club COVID officer and members.

Competitive Matches

  1. The term ‘competitive matches’ includes pre-season friendlies.
  2. Teams visiting Comber road must submit, in advance, a list of those travelling to Comber Road to the LHC COVID officer at garveycovid19@gmail.com
    1. This list must include any players, coaches, managers, umpires, physiotherapists etc and parents that may travel with an underage player.
    2. Changes to this list must be communicated to the LHC Covid officer
  3. The visiting team must confirm an arrival time and agree this with the LHC match secretary.
  4. Teams visiting Comber Road must also register on the Lisnagarvey contact tracing app at https://covid.oqlist.co.uk/register/choose-club on the day of attendance.
  5. All personnel should perform a health check before travelling to Comber Road.
  6. The visiting team must familiarise themselves with Lisnagarvey HC COVID protocols, found here: https://lisnagarveyhockey.com/covid-plan/
  7. Visitors must remain in their vehicles until the pre-agreed arrival time.
  8. Lisnagarvey HC will have a minimum of one COVID officer on duty at all times.
  9. Visitors will be checked into the club at the entry to the pedestrian area by the COVID officer(s).
  10. Members and visitors must familiarise themselves with and follow the one-way system in place (see map at beginning of this protocol).
  11. Suspended players will be seated on the designated green, yellow and red chairs beside the dugouts.
  12. Substitutes will use the seats provided along the side of the pitch. Substitutes must watch the game at all times and remain vigilant for the possibility of a ball being struck or flicked towards them.
  13. Changing facilities will remain closed at present.
  14. FIH & Hockey Ireland rules and protocols will be followed during match play for all games.

Spectators & Visitors

    1. Spectators & visitors must complete a self-health assessment before attending the club. Eg. Check temperature
    2. All Spectators & visitors MUST register on the Lisnagarvey HC track & trace app before being permitted entry into the grounds.
    3. A COVID officer(s) wil check all visitors have registered their attendance and have the right to refuse entry to anyone not compliant with the rules and regulations laid out in this protocol.
    4. No more than 200 spectators/visitors will be permitted on the grounds of Lisnagarvey HC during match day.
    5. Spectators for Mini/Youth/Lightening hockey are welcome in the following circumstances:
      1. Parents/guardians of Hockey tots children
      2. Parents/guardians of Lisnagarvey Lightening attendees
      3. Parents/Guardians of all other groups will be asked to remain in their vehicles in the carpark.
    6. Spectators are discouraged for men and ladies junior league matches and only parents of young players should attend these games.
    7. Spectators must maintain social distancing at all times and must stand in front of the yellow painted kerbing as directed by a COVID officer(s).
    8. Spectators must not encroach on other spectators space.
    9. Spectators must follow the directions of the COVID officers on duty at all times.
    10. Upon completion of the match, spectators must make their way back to their cars in a timely manner.
    11. Spectators & visitors must follow the one way system in place as signposted and directed by COVID officers.


First aid/Emergencies

  1. In the event of injury social distancing should be maintained where possible.
  2. Where possible, an injured player should self-help, including managing blood injuries.
  3. The club shall make available a first aid kit and basic PPE (mask, gloves, apron). This equipment may be used at the users own risk.
  4. LHC club advises each group making a booking to identify an individual in their group as first aider. This individual should be familiar with the use of basic PPE in the event of a medical emergency.


Youth Hockey

  1. Parents/guardians must complete the online health check questionnaire on behalf of their child before the child will be allowed onto the pitch. Parents/guardians details should be used for contact details when completing the form.
  2. Parents bringing children to play hockey must remain in their vehicle at all times unless they are also booked to play or coach on the pitches. Parents/guardians are NOT permitted to observe hockey from the pitch side at this time.
  3. Parents/guardians are permitted to observe hockey from the pitch side in a limited number of circumstances as follows:
    1. Parents/guardians of Hockey tots children
    2. Parents/guardians of Lisnagarvey Lightening attendees
    3. Parents/guardians of P4 children
    4. Parents/Guardians of all other groups will be asked to remain in their vehicles in the carpark.
  4. To facilitate safe drop-off:
    1. If a parent/guardian feels their child can do so safely, they should park in an available space and allow their child to alight and walk into the club.
    2. If a parent/guardian feels their child would be unsafe walking through the car park alone they should stop in front of the pedestrian entrance to the grounds and allow their child to alight from the vehicle directly in front of the pedestrian entrance to the club. (In the event of multiple members arriving simultaneously and choosing this option, cars should form an orderly queue).
    3. Parents must not leave the club grounds until their childs registration has been confirmed by the COVID officer on duty.
  5. To facilitate safe pick-up:
    1. Children up to and including current P7 group will be guided to their cars by coaches. Parents should stay in or beside their vehicle.
    2. All other children will walk to their parents/guardians car without coaches guidance.
  6. Children MUST NOT be allowed to alight from vehicles anywhere else in the grounds.
  7. Patience will be required as the new process is likely to take additional time.


Management of a Symptomatic Individual

  1. If a participant becomes unwell during the activity, they should be isolated from other participants, return home as soon as possible, and contact their GP for further guidance
  2. Ideally the designated COVID-19 Officer, staff member or volunteer should take charge of the management of any persons with COVID-19 symptoms
  3. The designated person managing the situation should try to maintain at least 2 metres from the person with symptoms and should wear a face covering and wash their hands regularly
  4. Immediately separate the person displaying or complaining of COVID-19 related symptoms from others
  5. Ask this person to wear a face covering if possible or if available provide them with a face mask
  6. Provide the unwell person with tissues and hand sanitizer and ensure that all tissues are disposed of in a waste bag that can be tied and marked as separate from other waste
  7. If they are well enough to go home, arrange for them to be transported home by a family member, as soon as possible and advise them to inform their GP by phone of their symptoms
  8. If they are too unwell to go home or advice is required, contact 999 and inform them that the unwell person is a suspected COVID-19 case
  9. All persons who have been in close contact with the suspect case will need to be informed to restrict their movement for 14 days or until further information is available (i.e. a negative test result of the suspect case). It is likely this will be co-ordinated by the Public Health Agency.


"We hope to have a better season than last, but whether good or bad, it is to be hoped that fair play and good sportsmanship may ever characterise the Lisnagarvey Hockey Club" - R.C. Bannister 1909


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