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Lisnagarvey are now recruiting for a part time Facilities and Commercial Manager to help operate and grow the club. Ideally with commercial experience, the right person will help with the smooth running of the club and will have a passion for developing Lisnagarvey as it enters an exciting period. This is a key role in the operations of the club and offers the chance to work with one of the leading hockey clubs in the country.

The role will involve working with a friendly group of volunteers who offer sporting and social opportunities to all ages.

If you would like to know more about the role (including the full job description), please email chair@lisnagarveyhockey.com


Lisnagarvey lost one of it’s oldest members when Billy Lowry [ WK Lowry], died on Tuesday 9th February at the age of 83.
A life- long member of the club since the late 1950s, Billy had a long playing career on the Junior teams from the Seconds to the Gamesters over a span of almost 40 years. He captained the Seconds in the 1968/1969 season and travelled to Europe with the lisnagarvey squad which took part in the European Championships in 1971.

Billy was always a very active member of Lisnagarvey serving on all manner of committees and acting as Club Honorary Secretary for 12 years during the 1960s and 1970s. He was instrumental in organising the 75th Anniversary of the club in 1976 when secretary and had no small part in aiding Ken Hood in the writing of the first History of Lisnagarvey.

Billy was in education for the duration of working life; first at Wallace High School, then Lisburn Technical College and finally as Principal of Armagh Further Education College until he retired in 1993.

Billy moved to Bunratty in County Limerick following his retirement  but always kept in touch with the club through his good friend Bobby Richardson and in 2013 his last contribution was a potted history of Lisnagarvey Hockey Club called Blue Bloods which revived treasured memories for many club members.

Still active in his 70s, Billy was an ever present in Veterans Hockey tournaments all over the globe and it was with great surprise that we learned of his death last week.

Sincere condolences go to his daughter Shauna and son Darryl who also is a past playing member of the club.


We understand that club members may have a lot of questions at this difficult and unprecedented time.

EHF and other governing bodies are monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 and will take advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO), and as a Club we will take advice of various Government and Public Health Authorities.

People should be self-isolating, even if they don’t show symptoms, if they return from any of the following areas:

• Iran
• Hubei province in China
• Special care zones in South Korea
• Italy (if they’ve returned since the 9th March)

These aren’t the only locations to consider. If someone has returned from one of the following areas, and is displaying symptoms, they should also self-isolate. These places include:

• Mainland China
• South Korea (outside of the special care zones)
• Cambodia
• Hong Kong
• Japan
• Laos
• Macau
• Malaysia
• Myanmar
• Singapore
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• Vietnam

These locations may be updated, so keep up to date with them here.

The final thing to note is that the virus is considered to be spreading freely in the UK now, not just from those returning from affected locations. As a result, the government is considering the requirement for anyone who has a mild fever to isolate themselves for a week.

The most important measures that people can take to prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading are very simple:

• Wash your hands regularly
• Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow
• Use paper tissues

We wish all our members, friends and family well. However, in the event you are affected by this, please do let the Management of the club know by email to lisnagarveysecretary@gmail.com, so we can put appropriate measures in place.

Many thanks for your support.

July 05, 2019

It was with sadness that the Club heard of the passing on 5th July of James (Jim) Reid.  The Committee and Members of Lisnagarvey Hockey Club extend our deepest sympathies to Maureen on the passing of her husband, and to their children Gail and Peter, as well as the wider family circle. Jim, in addition to captaining the 2nds in 1962/63, was one of the founding members of the social committee which built the first bar at the original Blaris, and laid the foundations for an exciting development in the Club history.

A true blue who will be sadly missed by all.

Hockey Ireland Membership Database

Attention ALL playing members – including minis / youth parents – ACTION REQUIRED.

Lisnagarvey is affiliated to Hockey Ireland through its affiliation to Ulster Hockey.

At its AGM in 2018 Hockey Ireland approved the introduction of a new membership system for all hockey players in Ireland from age 6 and above.  This also has the support of Ulster Hockey and will be used in various ways in the future, including:

  • Helping Hockey Ireland attract more sponsors by ensuring accurate information on the hockey playing public in Ireland (such as numbers, age profiles etc)
  • Managing player registrations for competitions
  • Communicating with players to advertise events
  • Managing umpires and coaches
  • Managing match cards
  • Managing player transfers between clubs

One key change is how Hockey Ireland is funded, part of which comes from club affiliation fees. Each club is charged based on the number of teams they have. This is going to change to a membership fee per player, which will be levied via the new system.

Hockey Ireland do not yet know the fees that will be charged, and have delayed the introduction of this fee for another year, so it is likely to apply in the 2020/2021 season.

This means that every club is required to supply the names, email addresses and dates of birth of every playing member, from age 6 upwards, by the end of February 2019.  For under 18s it is a parent’s email address which is required. This new system does not apply to non playing members of clubs.

The club therefore has to upload each player’s name, date of birth and email address (or parent’s email address for under 18s) into the new membership system.

When this is done, each player will receive an email to confirm their registration.

Players who do not have a registration will not be valid to play hockey from September 2019 onward.

To let the club do this, we need all playing members to confirm their date of birth and their email address. If you are the parent of any player in the mini or youth section or the parent of an under 18 player, we need your email address.

Hockey Ireland have confirmed that the information will be held in a GDPR compliant way.

Each playing member will be allocated a unique ID number which they will retain permanently even if they subsequently transfer to another club.  In the future, this ID number will be included on match cards which at some future date may also be electronically based. (electronic match cards are already in place in Leinster).  The ID system may also be extended to include a photo ID card or smart phone link.  There is no definite timescale for any of this apart from the issue of the ID number.

The club are currently collating the membership records of playing members and where there is missing information we will ask players (or the parent) to update the records. Please assist us in this important task by responding to any requests promptly.

All members – a reminder re Ulster Hockey Code of Conduct

Ulster Hockey has jurisdiction and authority over the playing and promotion of hockey in the Province of Ulster. Any member of a club or school affiliated to Ulster Hockey agrees to comply with the Constitution, Rules, Policies and Procedures of Ulster Hockey, including this Code of Conduct. The Code aims to align to both the FIH and Hockey Ireland Codes of Conduct.

This Code aims to create awareness of and accountability for the promotion of the game of hockey by all participants. Ulster hockey wants all participating in Hockey, in any role, to experience enjoyment, achievement, respect and to be safe.

Under this Code a participant is defined as a player, coach, manager umpire, official, volunteer or spectator involved in the sport of Hockey under the jurisdiction of Ulster Hockey.

Ulster Hockey, clubs, schools, and other organisations associated with Ulster Hockey, are responsible for ensuring their players, coaches, umpires, officials, spectators that represent them or support them, comply with the Code. However, ultimately all Participants are responsible and accountable for their own behaviour and conduct.

This Code of Conduct applies to all participants involved in hockey in Ulster, whether participating with their schools or clubs in Ulster Hockey competitions or events, or representing Ulster away from home.


All Participants are expected to behave in an appropriate and sporting manner, which includes the following:

 promoting the reputation of hockey and taking all possible steps to prevent it from being brought into disrepute;
 conducting themselves at the venue in a manner that takes all reasonable measures to protect their own safety and the safety of others;
 never abusing equipment (eg throwing a stick), clothing, venue equipment/fixtures or fittings;
 never using foul or abusive language or gestures;
 never using physical abuse or threatening or intimidating behaviour;
 never confronting an umpire or technical official, and absolutely not within 20 minutes following the end of the match, with the intention of behaving inappropriately or arguing about decisions;
 never feigning injury or overreacting to an alleged breach or decision;
 never urinating at the side of the pitch, not only is it a criminal offence, but it is not acceptable behaviour and tarnishes the image of hockey. All such occurrences must be automatically reported to Ulster Hockey;
 abiding by the Code of Ethics and other good practice guidelines and policies issued by Ulster Hockey and Hockey Ireland.

Failure to abide by these minimum standards may be considered a Disrepute Offence and will be dealt with by the Ulster Hockey Management Board or an appropriate Committee of Ulster Hockey, in accordance with the Ulster Hockey governance documents or other relevant Ulster Hockey policies.


All Clubs, Schools, Colleges and other organisations involved in Hockey in Ulster are expected to abide by the following minimum standards of behaviour:

 promote the reputation of hockey and take all possible steps to prevent it from being brought into disrepute.
 regulate the behaviour of their participants, including spectators;
 have an established internal disciplinary procedure to deal with disorderly, abusive, offensive or improper behaviour by participants prior to, during and after any Ulster Hockey Competition match or event. This extends to behaviour towards opposing teams, coaches, managers, umpires, officials, the public, members of Ulster Hockey staff or representatives;
 respect the spirit of fair play, by participating within the rules and regulations of Ulster Hockey and the game;
 respect the rights of others, by not publicly criticising umpires or officials and by showing an appreciation for volunteers;
 support all efforts to remove foul or abusive language and unsporting behaviour, and do not tolerate it from players, officials, team management or supporters;
 protect those involved in the game from verbal or physical abuse and threatening or intimidating behaviour;
 ensure participants and any other support staff conduct themselves in a manner that takes all reasonable measures to protect their own safety and the safety of others, including the safety of each participant;
 Abide by the Code of Ethics and other good practice guidelines and policies issued by Hockey Ireland.
 Take responsibility to ensure that the club, school, college or organisation is suitably insured for their activities.
 Comply with the General Data Protection Regulation in relation to the handling of personal data.

Any behaviour of a club, school or college that is reported to Ulster Hockey and that does not meet the minimum standard of behaviour outlined below, may be considered as a Disrepute Offence and will be dealt with by the Ulster Hockey Management Board or an appropriate Committee in accordance with the discipline rules contained in the Ulster Hockey Constitution or other relevant Ulster Hockey policies.


Ulster Hockey has adopted the FIH definition of a “public statement” as follows:

Any statement in which the whole, part or essence, is made public. Such a statement may be made in a newspaper, magazine, periodical or by any electronic (Internet, social media, E-Mail, etc.) or other means through the medium of television, radio or in any other manner whatsoever, regardless of the circumstances in which the statement was made.

Public statements made by players, coaches, umpires, officials, clubs, schools, colleges and other organisations must be fair, constructive and reasonable and must not involve a personal attack on another player, umpire, appointed official, member of staff or administrator.

Ulster Hockey recognises that fair and reasonable comments on the game in general are essentially in the interests of everyone. However, it further recognises that in the interest of maintaining good relations between players, umpires and officials, it is necessary to ensure that any such comment and criticism is constructive.



Dear Member

As a response to frequent requests from members, we are delighted to advise that we can now offer an alternative to the single payment of fees in September each year.

We have partnered with GoCardless to provide a method of spreading the payments over 12 monthly equal installments. The 12 monthly period will be April to March, to tie in to our financial year.

Therefore for the 2019/2020 season, the first payment will be on 1st April 2019. As fees are normally proposed and agreed at the AGM in June, Management have taken the decision to HOLD the 2019/2020 fees at the same level of this current 2018/2019 season, to give this new payment option a year to settle in.

Fees can of course continue to be paid as a single payment in September each year, this new method is not compulsory, rather an option for those who wish to avail of it.

You will need to complete an online Direct Debit form with GoCardless – please follow the link on our website (in operation from Monday 18th March) and click on the appropriate category. GoCardless will automatically collect the funds from your account on the payment date set, you will simply approve the payment schedule by completing an online Direct Debit mandate. Now all future payments can be collected from you automatically. There is an additional cost of 1% of your membership fee that has been added to the amount set up.

In the next week you will receive an email invite. Should you wish to use this system, please follow the automatic process. We have set up the relevant membership categories, you simply need to select the one appropriate to you.


FOR FAMILY MEMBERSHIP PLEASE CONTACT JAMIE –  treasurer@lisnagarveyhockey.com 

We trust that this is of interest.



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